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  • Alois Virtual Keyboard v.1.0Alois VirtualKeyboard 1.0 is developed to be a helpful and beneficial program which makes it possible for you to replace a real keyboard and mouse including dozens of special characters and letters of the main European languages.Requirements:Intel ..
  • Java Virtual Keyboard v.011This project is a highly configurable Virtual Unicode Keyboard written in Java. You might want to use it to type some words in a foreign character set with your ..
  • Florence v.0.5.3Florence is an extensible scalable on-screenvirtualkeyboard for GNOME that stays out of your way when not needed. You need it if you can't use a real keyboard either because of a handicap, broken keyboard or tablet PC but you can use a pointing ..
  • Virtual FireworX Screensaver for Mac OS v.2.1.2Celebrate with Fireworks! All year long, any holiday or occasion, Virtual FireworX brings a festive mood to your Mac! These pyro-tastic delights burn cool, so they won’t burn you, or your screen!Virtual FireworX are realtime 3D particle ..
  • Virtual Object System / Interreality v.0.21.0A collection of projects based on the Virtual Object System (VOS) platform. The goal of Interreality is to develop a free and open platform for multiuser 3D virtual reality and interactive, collaborative 3D virtual spaces, as well as other ..
  • VKeyboard v.1.0vKeyboard 1.0 offers a solution for adding a virtual on screenkeyboard to your desktop to support people that are not able to use a physical keyboard. With vKeyboard you are able to control anything on your computer with just your mouse, or your ..
  • VKeyboard Plus v.1.0vKeyboard Plus 1.0 offers you an effective tool which can add a virtual on screenkeyboard to your desktop to support people that are currently or permanently not able to use a physical keyboard. With vKeyboard you are able to control anything on ..
  • Proloquo v.2.0Proloquo 2.0 is considered to be a helpful and convenient text-to-speech full OS impairment application. Proloquo is a multi-purpose, multilingual speech solution for Mac OS X.Major Features: A full-fledged communication system (AAC) for people who ..
  • Best Kakuro (Mac version) v.2.0Try Best Kakuro for the best Kakuro puzzles. 5 difficulty levels from easy to killer. Grid sizes from 8x8 to 14x18. All puzzles have a unique solution. Print, or solve on screen using either mouse or keyboard. Includes zeros allowed puzzles.
  • RabtPad Pre v.04RabtPad Pre 04 is created to be a comprehensive and highly configurable unicode and Java based text editor which is suitable for arabic based scripts including Urdu and Farsi. RabtPad comes with support for virtualkeyboard for not latin scripts on ..
  • Best Kakuro for Mac OS v.3.1Try Best Kakuro for the best Kakuro puzzles. Best Kakuro creates Kakuro puzzles in 5 difficulty levels from easy to killer, and grid sizes ranging from 8x8 to 14x18. Print the puzzles, or solve them on screen using either your mouse or keyboard. All ..
  • Hyperspace for Mac OS v.2.0A screen saver that sends its users on a virtual trip through a wormhole, just like the ones in some sci-fi TV shows and movies. Meanwhile, nebulas and stars fly by. Hyperspace is available in English, French, and German. - You can now enable and ..
  • Gok v.1.0.5GOK is an on-screenkeyboard. An alternative to the mouse/keyboard input system (for unix-like systems with GNOME ..
  • RabtPad v.1.0RabtPad is a configurable unicode and Java based text editor for arabic based scripts including Urdu and Farsi with virtualkeyboard for non latin scripts on latin based systems, export to pdf, rtf, html and plain text (later xml).
  • Standard City Icons v.2011.1Create city maps that look perfect on screen and on paper. Standard City Icons come in a variety of sizes and resolutions, making city plans perfectly legible on any media from PDA screens to poster-size prints in raster and vector formats.
  • ScrambleOne of the most popular word games ever, Scramble transforms a phrase into a coded message by scrambling the alphabet. You can either solve a randomly chosen message on-screen, or you can print a scrambled message for family, friends to solve!
  • Awesome Powerpoint Graphics Sampler v.2.2These FREE powerpoint pictures are a small sample of the graphics available to download from the awesome powerpoint graphics website. Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Software. Each graphic has been optimized for quality on-screen ..
  • Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug v.5.0.7Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug 5.0.7 is a must- have tool which extends the capabilities of NLE and compositing applications with over 180 filters for professional visual effects creation. With intuitive on-screen controls and support for ..
  • Continuum Pan and Zoom v.6.0.3Continuum Pan and Zoom 6.0.3 providers you with a comprehensive and reliable filter which includes a convenient setup mode offering on-screen controls for the size and position of the zoom region along with the anchor point and a preview area that ..
  • IDim v.1.1iDim 1.1 is a professional and smart application which can be used as a ScreenSaver **Module**,with MacDim or such utilities. It displays pictures on screen and puts the Macinto sleep mode.(The iMac DV goes into 'pulse' ..

Best Free Midi Keyboard Software on Android. Yes, that’s right, these days you don’t even need a computer to use a MIDI device. You can now plug your MIDI keyboard directly into your phone or tablet and use that to create music. Family tree maker mac 3 download. I bought this simple USB C to USB adapter for under $10 and it allows me to play my 49 key MIDI keyboard through. Virtual Russian Keyboard Free Trial Driver Booster 6 PRO (60% OFF when you buy) 1,006 downloads Updated: August 13, 2015 Freeware / Ad-supported.

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  • Java Virtual Keyboard This project is a highly configurable Virtual Unicode
  • VKeyboard vKeyboard 1.0 offers a solution for adding a virtual on
  • Virtual DJ Pro for Mac VirtualDJ is the hottest MP3 mixing software, targeting
  • VirtualDJ PRO for Mac OS X VirtualDJ is the hottest MP3 mixing software, targeting
  • Marine Aquarium Time OS 9 We are excited to announce a an update to our blockbuster
  • Data Entry Speed Checker Data Entry Testis a utility with which you can find out your
  • Guitar Pro 6 Trial Version Guitar Pro 6: Tablature editor and player for guitars
  • CoffeeCup Web Editor Web Editor is a clever coding machine with the most flexible
  • TuneFinder TuneFinder 5.0 is a stylistic, modern and powerful Melody
  • Mac Screen Recorder Studio Mac Screen Recorder Studio is the most complete and

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