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A52 Codec Editor's Review

A52 is a free codec that allows you to play media files that use the AC3 encoding.
As a rule, you can find the AC3 audio encoding within the DVD movies or native multi-channel music that can use this type of encoding. This codec is also required by Perian plug-in, when it's decoding a movie that has in its container an AC3 audio stream.

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The codec is implemented as code-audio component. This means you can use it both in QuickTime and Core Audio components.
The support for QuickTime is well implemented. It includes an importer in order to play the *.ac3 files directly from this player.

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Within the DMG install image, you find a component that can enable/disable some of this codec features. The filters that you can control with this application are: Dynamic Range Compression and a downmix filter. The downmix filter generates a stereo output from a native multi-channel source.
Pluses: It does a good job, when support for AC3 audio encoding is required.
Drawbacks / flaws:
In conclusion: this is a nice plug-in that helps you a lot if you use AC3 as an audio compressor for your music or if you have movies that uses this codec within their containers.

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version reviewed: 1.7.2