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In Part 1 of this blog, we introduced Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro, a one-stop shop to help you speed up your Mac, highlighting the Quick Optimizer, the Main Console, and the Cleaning Tools. In Part 2, we resume the discussion of how to make your Mac run faster with the remaining Cleaner One Pro features: System andApplication Management, Privacy Protection, and Other Options.

System and Application Management

Dr cleaner mac free download - Dr. Cleaner, Dr Cleaner, Dr Cleaner Pro, and many more programs. Publisher: Trend Micro Downloads: 10,147 External File. This software is available to download. Download Cleaner One - Disk Clean for macOS 10.12 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Cleaner One can optimize your Mac by cleaning your disk drive, finding duplicate photos and other files, managing your apps, and much more. Trend Micro, Incorporated Size 45.3 MB. Category Utilities. 'Due to Apple App Store policy updates, some features in Dr. Cleaner, such as Memory Optimization, System Monitor, App Manager, and File Shredder, will no longer be available, therefore it will stop getting updates. For this reason, we recommend upgrading your Dr. Cleaner with our new free app - Cleaner. ‎Cleaner One is a versatile tool that helps you organize albums faster and easier. It can also help manage your contacts. Feature List - Photo Cleaner - Finds duplicate or similar photos on your iPhone or iPad and helps you delete them to save storage space on your device. Video Cleaner - Sca.

Startup Manager

Your Mac may get sluggish after a year or two of usage and you may find that booting up takes a lot longer. Doing a Startup Manager scan can help you reduce slowdown due to unwanted startup programs and services, to help your Mac boot faster.

Upon completing the scan, Startup Manager will identify apps under two categories: Login Items and Launch Agents.

Login Items are apps that run automatically upon login. You can manage these apps by enabling them to run automatically or disabling them to make your Mac more efficient. If you don’t need autorun, you can remove the apps from the list.

Launch Agents are background services that run automatically on System startup for the extension features of apps. You can manage these services by letting them run automatically or by disabling them to make your Mac boot faster. Similarly, you can remove these agents if you don’t need them or they’re broken.

App Manager

When a user installs an app that doesn’t meet their expectations, they’ll never use it again. In many cases, they remove the app by simply dragging it into the trash, assuming the action completely removes the app, but this is not always true. When you uninstall an app, there are often associated files left on your Mac, even after you have emptied the Trash. They’re known as leftovers.

Leftovers are an app’s associated files and folders that can include different languages, log files, agents, or processes that might try to start an application. App Manager aims to resolve this and helps you clean up your Mac by completely removing app leftovers. App Manager detects all app leftovers automatically so you can remove them with just one click.

Privacy Protection

File Shredder

Trend Micro Installer

Data security and privacy are especially important and managing these applies to anyone collecting and keeping data. Data that has reached its retention limit needs to be permanently removed from your file system and to be sure it can’t be recovered you need to overwrite the file with random series of binary data multiple times. This process is often referred to as shredding. With File Shredder, you can remove sensitive files from your hard disk without worrying that they can be recovered.

Other Options


Preferences allows you to manage how the Cleaner One Pro app performs. In Preferences, you’ll see General, Notifications, Memory, Duplicates, Whitelists and Auto Select.

On the General tab, you can choose Auto start at login and other options according to how you would like Cleaner One Pro to behave during startup.

On the Notifications tab, you can disable the notification about smart memory optimization.

Cleaner One Pro is also equipped with a Smart Memory Optimization feature on the Memory tab. This feature uses artificial intelligence. You can set auto clean when your available memory is low or when an app is closed.

The Duplicates, Whitelists and Auto Select tabs work when you use the Duplicate Files feature on the main console. When there are too many duplicate files on your Mac, you can set the rules on the minimum file size, as well as which files to exempt or prioritize during deletion.

Air Support One

If you need technical assistance about Cleaner One Pro, click the robot icon either in the Apple Menu window or on the Main Console.

A chat support person will attend to your concerns or suggestions when using Cleaner One Pro. In case there is no available support engineer, you can send an email by clicking Send Email. Make sure to provide the correct email address.

More Tools

Aside from Cleaner One Pro for Mac, we offer Antivirus One for Mac—as well as Cleaner One for iPhone, which you can download by scanning the QR Code. You can also submit your ideas for Other Tools by clicking the panel.

An Optimized Mac

As you use your Mac over time, you need to maintain it to keep it running smoothly. Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro can clean up your disk space, help boost performance, and solve other Mac issues you might encounter during your daily work. As you consider it for your Mac, you may have remaining questions:

What’s the difference between the Free version and the Paid version? The Free version of Cleaner One Pro includes the Memory Optimizer, basic CPU and Network Monitoring, a Junk Files Cleaner, a Big Files Scanner, a Disk Map, and the Startup Manager. The Paid upgrade of Cleaner One Pro unlocks more features, including more Advanced CPU/Network Monitoring, a Duplicate Finder, a Similar Photos Scanner, an App Manager, and a File Shredder.

Is it safe to use Cleaner One Pro? Cleaner One Pro is notarized by Apple, which assures its users both security and privacy.

How can I download Cleaner One Pro? Cleaner One Pro is distributed via the official Trend Micro website and other authorized channels. Note that Cleaner One Pro is also available for Windows. To make it easy for the readers of this blog series, we’ve provided the download links here: Download Mac Version – Download Windows Version

Go to Cleaner One Windows or to Cleaner One Mac for more information or to purchase the apps.

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In the spirit of the holiday giving season, Trend Micro is happy to provide a free utility app to Apple Mac users called Dr. Cleaner. Among the Mac apps we examined, only Dr. Cleaner does both memory and disk cleaning – and does both for free.

Thousands of Apple Mac users have already downloaded Dr. Cleaner, which just launched last month on iTunes. Many satisfied users are giving it a 5-star rating.

Clearly, Mac users appreciate this “gift” if the customer reviews for the Dr. Cleaner app are any indication:

“…help[ed] me remove 12+G [of] garbage…”

“…I am surprised at its small size of only 1.5M…”

“…It’s great, I like it!”

“I’m surprised…such a good app is free! Freed up about 1G memory for me.”

Dr. Cleaner will optimize both your Mac OS disk and memory, providing you with better computer performance. First, it detects and cleans out garbage files. And second, it can free up memory so you can run critical applications. Dr. Cleaner is easy and quick to use, with an intuitive user interface. Dr. Cleaner features include:

Disk Cleaner

  • Removes temporary files including cache files
  • Removes user download folders
  • Deletes browser data, iTunes downloads
  • Empties the system trash can
Trend Micro Dr Cleaner Mac Download

Memory Optimizer

  • Purges unused memory, making it available for use by other applications
  • Cleans memory used by system with one click
  • Frees up memory used by recently accessed files
  • Allows you to monitor real-time memory usage in the menu bar

Dr. Cleaner is compatible with OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor. It’s available in both English and Chinese. Download it now.

Happy Holidays from Trend Micro!

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