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The Best Free Download Managers app downloads for Mac: MacX YouTube Downloader YTD Video Downloader MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter Total Video Do.

Best Internet Download Manager for Mac. IGetter is a free download manager available for OS X 10.2 – 10.11. The UI of this internet download manager is not bad and, there is almost zero flaw in this app. Talking about the features, you can get accelerated download, which makes the downloading better & faster, download management. DownThemAll!, Neat Download Manager for Mac, and Folx are probably your best bets out of the 9 options considered. 'Increase download speeds' is the primary reason people pick DownThemAll! Over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that. CNET Download provides free downloads for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices across all categories of software and apps, including security, utilities, games, video and browsers.

Best Free Download Managers

You may download multiple files on your computer or Smartphone on daily, weekly or monthly basis, but have you ever thought of how these files are organized in your device?Do Have you ever wonder how much time it takes to download one file? Well, if you are not familiar with this basic information. We have giving you the list of top Download managers through which you can download your files in easiest and simplest ways with even faster speed.

What is Download Manger? Download Manager is the software program that manages or handles the complete task of downloading anything from the internet. It acts as a download accelerator that increases the speed of download up to 5 times more than the normal speed of downloading any file.

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Download Managers provide many features that make them best to download files from internet. It includes scanning for viruses, accelerating speed, resuming broken downloads, browsing integration, mutli-section download, sorting file type and placing them in the correct folder and many more. It provides error recovery to resume the download if any failure occurs due to network.

If you are downloading any file, then you can pause and resume according to your ease and convenience. Download managers identify the file you are downloading and puts them in the correct folder.

So, this is the basics about download managers that you must have to download your files for the safest and quickest download. Here we are giving you the list of top 5 Download Mangers.

Here is the list of 5 fastest internet download managers for Windows of 2015

1. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (IDM) increases the downloading speed up to 5 times than the normal speed, resume and schedule downloads. It has great error recovery and resume capability that it will restart the broken downloads form the point where the download interrupts due to network failure or lost connection.

Internet Download Manager works well with many browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, MSN Explorer, AOL Mozilla Firefox, Avant Browser, Mozilla Firebird and many other popular browsers to handle your downloaded files automatically. It supports proxy servers, protocols FTP and HTTP, authorization, redirects cookies, Mp3 audio and Mp4 video content processing. You can use drag and drop files.

It also provides other features like scheduler, zip preview, enhanced virus protection on complete download of your file on your device or system, build-in download accelerator and many more. It is even supported by many operating systems including Windows 8.1 with complete MMS protocol support.

2. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is a freeware download manager that increases the downloading speed five times more than the normal speed that makes it one of the fastest Download Managers.

Download Accelerator Plus has features of Download and Video converter by which you can convert a file to any other format of your choice or that your device supports. You can also get the information before downloading any file like video preview with which you can play your video. It tries to squeeze out the best of your internet connection.

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This will save a lot of time of yours as it breaks the file into multiple parts and download them simultaneously from multiple sources seeking out the fastest mirror and them resembling all the parts of file and hence gives the fastest downloading speed.

With Download Accelerator Plus, you can also watch any video while it’s downloading, like there is no need to wait for the complete download of that video.

3. Free Download Manager

Free Download manager is a powerful download manager with lots of features that helps you to organize, schedule and speed up the Internet file downloads.

It provides three different download speed modes that you can acquire according to your convenience, either use maximum bandwidth to download or you can download files in the background. It supports many download protocols like FTP, BitTorrent and many more. It gives the feature to view the list of downloaded files that are currently active.

Free Download Manager also provides a tabbed interface that lets you to move between various downloaded files that includes Downloads, Torrents and Flash Video downloads. There are also tabs for Site Manager, HTML spider and scheduler.

This also provides the unique feature of community input by which you can contribute to community and by flagging the files in which you are having trouble. In order to download the file, when you enter the URL, there you may find the option to know if any user has reported that file as malicious. In this way you can save your device from downloading malicious code or program.

4. YouTube downloader

YouTube downloader is small and effective application to download video files quickly. This app will give you exactly what you are looking for. You can easily download videos from YouTube, Google, Facebook and many other websites. You can choose the format of the downloaded file and can download them in your Smartphone also.

Download Manager For Mac

The user interface is so easily that you can simply find the link of video that you want to download, copy the URL on the search option of Downloader. It may ask you the format in which you want to download and the place where you want to save the downloaded file. There are also some features like you can adjust the volume according to you and can alter the video before importing it.

5. FlashGet

FlashGet is one of the fastest download managers that provide downloading speed 6 times more than the normal downloading speed by the browser. It supports many downloading protocols like HTTP, FTP and MMS. FlashGet give many advanced features like DownThemAll, pausing the resuming the downloading file, splitting the file and download acceleration. You can also download the flash files by the extended version from Firefox.

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Best download manager for mac

Panda global protection 2016 mac download. With FlashGet you can download the files from different locations. It supports many browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, SeaMonkey and many more. It splits the file into many parts and downloads each of them simultaneously resulting in faster speed.

While your browser’s download manager is good enough in most cases but sometimes you need a little more control. For instance – speed up downloads by breaking files into multiple blocks, pause and resume download whenever you want or bandwidth throttling.

IDM is hands down the best download managers on Windows, but if you are looking for IDM alternative for Mac; well, we got you covered. After trying out more than a few programs, analyzing other reviews and following recommendations, we’ve come down to some of the best download managers for Mac. As always, we have tried to keep the diversity.

Best Download Managers for Mac

1 iGetter

iGetter is one of the most popular download managers for Mac. It’s completely free and integrates in an easy manner with your device. The User Interface of iGetter isn’t the most modern, but it can do the job very well. When compared to the other free download managers for Mac, iGetter offers more features and better compatibility, which is great.

One of the best features about iGetter is the level of customization. From download speed to segment size and from the number of multiple downloads to connection timeout, you can customize almost everything using iGetter preferences. Site Explorer and Download Scheduler are some of the best picks in the feature list.

Pros: Fully-functioning free version, easy integration, Site Explorer and additional features

Cons: Not a very intuitive UI

Supported Browser: Chrome and Safari.

Verdict: For a free download manager for Mac, iGetter is pretty great. You have all the necessary features, in addition to accelerated downloading and scheduling. Thanks to browser and macOS integration, you will find it easy to get used to it. Although not the newest, the UI is also great to start with. iGetter also packs a few out-of-the-box features like File-Avenue support and Site Manager.

Check out iGetter (Free)

2 Download Shuttle

If minimal UI is your thing, Download Shuttle is a must-check-out free download manager for Mac. It packs a lot of features despite the simple UI, though. This minimal-footprint software supports multi-segmented download support, up to 6 segments at a time. The best part is that you can decide the maximum number of segments when you add a download.

According to our experience, segmentation and download acceleration by Download Shuttle are effective in every sense. Not only that, you get options for download scheduling and auto-resume. Last but not the least, the UI is just awesome and you wouldn’t need days to get used to it.

Pros: Free and intuitive UI, Up to 6 Concurrent Connections

Cons: Advanced features like YouTube Download and Bulk Download are missing

Supported Browser: Chrome and Safari.

Verdict: Download Shuttle is not the most feature-rich download manager for Mac. Nevertheless, it manages to pack a lot of features inside a simple, intuitive User Interface. With support for more than 6 segments at a time, the download speeds are also drastically improved. When we count in the support for web browser integration, Download Shuttle becomes the perfect choice for minimalists.

Check Out Download Shuttle (Free)

3 Maxel Downloader for Mac

Maxel is yet another minimal-looking download manager that packs a lot of features. Most importantly, the software can enhance the total download speeds with up to 100 segments. You can really unleash the overall power of your internet connection. Despite the performance, Maxel consumes lower amount of resources as well.

There are some never-seen-before features as well. Apart from browser integration, Maxel brings a built-in browser. You can use this browser to download authenticated files. What I loved most about Maxel for Mac is that it behaves like a native app. Just as you open the package, it would start working. For those who are doubtful, there is a Maxel demo version you can download for free.

Pros: Intuitive UI, lower resource consumption and up to 100 segments

Cons: Navigation isn’t that great.

Supported Browser: Safari, Chrome and Firefox

Verdict: We believe that Maxel Downloader for Mac is a combination of minimalistic UI and best-in-the-class performance. Not only can you enjoy maximum speed — thanks to up to 100-segments support —, but also the native design reduces system resource consumption. Altogether, this is a download manager that we’d recommend buying.

Check Out Maxel ($9.99, Free demo available)

Top Free Download Manager For Mac

4 Progressive Downloader

Progressive Downloader is a really feature-rich download management client for Mac. Regardless what type of file you are downloading; Progressive Downloader has got your back. Right after you install and start the program, you can know how advanced it is. When you have multiple downloads to manage, the big-enough UI is going to be quite helpful.

Coming to the features, Progressive Downloader doesn’t disappoint. Standard features like integration with browsers and automated server search are included in the package. It also has an excellent clipboard-based download triggering. Last but not least, you can use the program for managing content over FTP as well. The feature list is so big and convincing, especially for professionals.

Pros: A fully-fledged yet simple interface, easy integration, automatic server search

Cons: Not much of speed acceleration

Supported Browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera

Verdict: Progressive Downloader is an amazing choice if you prefer free download managers. It is quite an advanced piece of software that can help you tackle tens or hundreds of downloads. Although it doesn’t get you any promises regarding speed acceleration, the overall speeds offered by Progressive Downloader are surely impressive

Check Out Progressive Downloader (Free)

5 Leech

Leech may look like a no-brainer, but it has a lot of features under the hood. Despite being premium, it has been one of the most popular downloaders for Mac. The reason is simple: it can manage lots of downloads without compromising speed or performance. Although the maximum number of concurrent connections is 5, the overall speed boost of Leech is impressive enough.

Coming to the features, Leech meets the standard expectations. You can simply drag and drop any link for starting downloads, schedule downloads and manage multiple URLs at once. Bandwidth control and Safari integration make Leech easier to use. Last but not least, Leech offers enough room for customization, under the Preferences section.

Pros: Ultimately simple UI, bulk downloads, better speeds

Cons: Almost nothing

Supported Browser: Safari

Verdict: As the official website says, Leech is indeed a lightweight yet powerful download manager for Mac. You can start using the program as you wish and the performance is top-notch. All the features work quite seamlessly, from speed control to multiple connection management. Altogether, if you are looking for a Mac download manager without bells and whistles, Leech is a go-to choice.

Check Out Leech ($6, Free Trial available)

6 Free Download Manager

In case you did not know, Free Download Manager is a popular download manager for Windows PCs as well. Fortunately, the Mac version also is up to the expectations. Apart from all the standard features we’ve seen above, Free Download Manager offers torrent download support. So, you don’t have to find another piece of software to download torrent content — just drag and drop ’em.

One might say that Free Download Manager doesn’t have a Mac-friendly UI, but you can get used to it in no time. Inside this seemingly-simple software, the developers have included many features like speed control, browser integration and network customizations. You can also set up some notifications and triggers, which make the downloading process simple.

Pros: Free and supports torrents, A convenient interface, download categorization

Cons: Lacks a native UI

Supported Browser: Chrome, Firefox and Safari

Verdict: Unlike the other download managers we’ve covered above, Free Download Manager is completely free and effective. It has a different interface, but the number of features should compensate that. You will love Free Download Manager if you want a simple client that can manage HTTP and torrent downloads with same smoothness.

Check Out Free Download Manager (Free)

7 Folx

Folx is not only one of the best download managers for Mac but also my personal recommendation. Although free to use, there is a feature-rich premium version you may want to check out. You can use Folx for normal downloads as well as torrent downloads. It also is one of the minimalist uTorrent alternatives out there. But something that really matters is how smoothly Folx integrates with your Mac.

Once installed, Folx becomes an active part of your Mac. In addition, the free version enhances the download speed by splitting into 2 threads. Standard features like auto-resume, multiple downloads, a torrent client with magnet link support, are also available.

Pros: Support torrents, download YouTube videos, and automatically catch the all the downloads link in a page

Cons: Not a well-organized download list, Advanced features are Pro-only

Supported Browser: You can use browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Verdict: If you are looking for a free download manager for Mac, Folx is a good option. It has one of the best interfaces and macOS integration we’ve seen. That having said, even if you want the additional features like 20-thread downloads, video downloads, iTunes integration, torrent-search and download scheduling, paid version of Folx seems reasonable too.

Check Out Folx (Free, Pro version available for $19.95)

Wrapping Up: Best Download Managers for Mac

Out of 20+ download managers we’ve tested, these 7 are the ones we loved! As said, you have multiple sets of choices here. If you need a jack-in-all-trades download manager with torrent support, you can go for Folx or Free Download Manager. On the other hand, if you prefer simple programs, Leech and Download Shuttle seem to be good options. Also, if you want some advanced features inside a simple UI, Maxel would be our great recommendation.

Before you make the selection, go through all the capabilities. For instance, if you’re planning to manage a lot of downloads with maximum connections, you need something powerful. We hope this guide helps you choose one of the best download manager apps for Mac.

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