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Spybot - Search & Destroy ® is a robust program to detect and remove spyware on Windows. Since there is NOT an official version for Mac OS X. If you want to prevent spyware, malware, adware slipping into your Mac, then download the best Spybot for Mac alternative by clicking the right button.

The Best SpyBot for Mac Alternative

Spybot (or Spybot - Search & Destroy) by Safer Networking Limited is a well known application that can help you detect and remove spyware from your system. Even though Spybot for Mac has not been developed yet, there are some other tools which you can grab.

Spybot - Search and Destroy is free for private use. It's initially created for removing spyware which steals your personal information without consent. There are other 2 versions of Spybot for home users: Home and Professional. The former includes the antivirus features, while the latter provides a rescue solution like Boot CD Creator and Protected Repair Environment.

Spybot is great but if you're using a Mac, it doesn't help. Spybot doesn't runs on Mac OS X. You have to find an alternative to Spybot for Mac. Here I highly recommend MacBooster which will protect your Mac from spyware, malware, adware, identity theft, phishing attack, unsafe downloads, and much more. Download Now for FREE Trial.


  • Focuses on prevention and protection, rather than spyware removal.
  • Scan and remove spyware, malware, adware and other threats and take action immediately.
  • Better than Spybot - on Mac, a scheduled spyware scan is available with MacBooster.


Similar to Spybot Home Version, MacBooster also comes with an industry-leading antivirus engine for Mac that will detect and remove most and latest viruses if your machine is infected. It also protects your Mac from Windows viruses in case you work with Windows emulators such as Parallels or VMWare.

Prevent Spyware Downloading and Installing

Spyware removal is not enough, unfortunately. After they've already had a chance to compromise your data, removing spyware can only stop more data from sending out. The safest way to protect your information is NEVER to download and install spyware.

MacBooster provides you with Real-time Safe Browsing technique so you won't save unsafe downloads to your Mac's hard drive. Just enable Internet Security after installed MacBooster in the start center.

Block Malicious Sites Automatically

  • When you input URL or click on a link from a fraud website, you get protected automatically.
  • Add your trusted websites to Whitelist, or manually block sites with Blacklist.
  • Say goodbye to phishing websites and email threats.
  • Unsafe downloads will be prevented.

Supports Web Browsers Like Safari, Chrome and Firefox

No matter whether you're using Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, safe web browsing experience is guaranteed.

Do More Than Spybot for Mac

Like Spybot Search and Destroy, MacBooster also comes with tools like Disk Cleanup, System Speedup, Uninstaller, Startup apps manager, etc.

Disk Cleanup

Although Mac usually has large volume of disk space, you'll find it smaller and smaller with using your Mac yeaar after years. Now say goodbye to binaries, logs, cache files etc. Just scan and remove them without any hassle.

System Speedup

If your Mac becomes slower and slower, MacBooster can help as indicated by its name. MacBooster comes with a RAM organizer which quickly and easily speed up your Mac in a few clicks.

Smart Uninstaller

Need to completely remove applications, widgets, preference panes and plugins, MacBooster's Uninstaller tool will leave no junk at all, in one click.

Duplicate Finder

Want to free up precious space on your Mac's hard drive. No problem! MacBooster's Duplicate Finder tool can scan for duplicate files so you can decide whether to delete or not.

and more ..

I know Spybot have lots of features. That's useful for Windows, maybe. MacBooster is also equipped with 16 unique applications for Mac users, like cleanup, file recovery, disk usage, smart uninstaller, update checker, default apps, and so on.
Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
Buy Now from $39.95

Incompatible Operating System

Iphoto for mac download 9.1. According to your browser, you are using Windows XP or Vista. /adobe-indesign-cc-mac-torrent-download/. To get a download compatible for Windows version, please visit this page instead.

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This page allows you to download the Free Edition of Spybot. If you want our great antivirus support or are unsure which version to use, check our comparison chart.

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Worked when others did not!! 🙂

Spybot Search And Destroy Mac Download Free

Pros: I spent several hours trying to remove a particular adware file that kept attempting to break through my avg antivirus. after about 5 other free products failed to remove this incredibly annoying file, I tried spybot and was thrilled to see that it was finally gone!!

Cons: I see none as of yet!

Summary: This product is easy to use and even the free version worked like a champ!

Spybot Search And Destroy Mac Download


This is a great fully-featured security application…

Pros: Host File Protection, Browser Guards, Realtime Spyware and Malware Protection, Process Control, Deep System Scanning, and many others you normally wouldn’t find in a traditional security software suite.

Cons: The only con I can rightly say is that it consumes a lot of system resources and some of the scans can take a while, depending on the size of your system and the configurations of the scan you choose.

Summary: This is a robust security application that is an excellent supplement to existing security software and especially useful for those whom still use the Internet Explorer browser, because of the protections it offers, including that of the host file as well as a user’s homepage.
Even if you don’t want to pay for the full version, the free version is still worth the download and is a formidable contender in the world of antimalware software.


Love Spybot 2.0. After 2 weeks of struggling trying to remove Coupon Dropdown, I finally tried Spybot 2.0 and it was the only one that worked--after trying Malwarebytes anti-Malware, McAfee and many others.