Smart Notebook 11.1 Download Mac

Start the installation by downloading the software from the SMART website. After you’ve downloaded and run the installer, you or the teacher need to activate the software.

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SMART Notebook™11.1. SMART Notebook,SMART Response,SMART Board,SMART Document Camera,SMART Exchange,SMART Ink,smarttech,theSMARTlogoandallSMART. In the SMART Software Activation dialog box, click Add. Paste the product key and click Add. Accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next. Continue following the on-screen instructions to finish activating SMART Notebook. After SMART Notebook is activated, you can access all its features for the duration of the subscription.

To download and install SMART Notebook

  1. Go to

  2. Select SMART Notebook 19 from Select your version.

  3. If not already selected, under Change operating system, select Windows.

  4. Under Select install package, select either the Web installer or USB installer, depending on your needs.

    You can install SMART Notebook using the USB installer or the web-based installer. The USB installer is for use if you’re installing SMART Notebook on a computer that doesn’t have internet. However, an internet connection is required for activating the software.


    If you’re installing SMART Notebook on multiple computers, use the USB installer so you only have to download the installer once, saving you time. /feed-and-grow-fish-download-mac-4904/. If you are deploying SMART Notebook on multiple computers, refer to the SMART Notebook deployment guides (

  5. Click DOWNLOAD - WINDOWS and save the file to a temporary location

  6. Double-click the downloaded installer file to start the installation wizard.

  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Smart notebook free download

When the installation is complete, the following SMART software and tools are installed in addition to SMART Notebook:

Smart Notebook Free Download

Software / tool



SMART’s digital ink software.

SMART Product Drivers

Software required for SMART Ink and enabling touch interactions on SMART Board interactive displays.

SMART Gallery Essentials

A package of images, multimedia files, Notebook pages, backgrounds, themes, and other content that teachers can use in their lessons.

SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit

A package of images and Notebook pages teachers can use to build their own interactive activities.

SMART Product Update (SPU)

Tool for updating all SMART software installed on the computer.

SMART Uninstaller

Tool for uninstalling SMART software.

SMART Ink Document Viewer

A PDF file viewer designed and optimized to work with SMART Ink.

SMART System Menu

Menu from which you can access many functions and tools:

  • Launch SMART Notebook, SMART Recorder, screen shade, spotlight, and so on.

  • Launch SMART settings, where you can manage SMART Ink preferences, orient or align a connected SMART Board interactive product, find troubleshooting tools, and so on.

  • Launch SPU to check for and install updates for any SMART software installed on the computer.