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Mac Os Cursor Download For Windows 7

Mac Cursor Download Windows 10

Here is a little something for all of you Mac-lovers who use Windows. A quick and easy way to have Mac OS X mouse cursors on a PC running Windows 7, Vista or XP. Although personally I’m not a Mac person, one of the first things I do after installing a fresh copy of Windows is change the mouse pointers to the Mac OS X ones. Usually this means I have to download a zip of individual pointer icons and then manually assign them to the right cursors in the Control Panel, which is a bit annoying.Well, I don’t have to do this anymore. This morning I put together a nice and easy installer that does all that manual work for me. You can download the installer using the link below.

  1. Custom cursor macOS Sierra pack for Windows in 4K and scale 200% How to use it: Right click Install.inf and click Install Go to Control Panel Mouse and choose macOS Sierra 200 scheme. Apply and enjoy the best cursors ever!
  2. Rainbow Cursors: Modern Mouse cursor. This full cursor pack, based on the MAC cursor, has 15.

Thanks to Shinde for uploading the cursors to

Jul 19, 2020 First, go to the Github page to download macOS Sierra cursors for Windows. On the page, click on the ' Code ' dropdown menu and select the ' Download as zip ' option. This will download the cursor pack. After downloading the zip file, extract the folder in it to the desktop.