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UPLAY by Smile Interactive Co., Ltd. Is a powerful tool that helps you purchase, download, organize and play games. Unfortunately, the developer hasn't released a version of uPLAY for Mac, but in this list with alternatives you can find programs that can easily substitute the uPLAY software. Official website. In Hyper Scape, engage in close-quarters, fast-paced and vertical matches to become the next global Battle Royale superstar.

Keep yourself up to date with the latest game-related news, buy and download new content to your PC and organize your games easily

If you are a gamer that’s looking for an efficient way to stay up-to-date with the latest gaming news, shop for new content, download it to your computer, organize it seamlessly, while keeping in touch with your friends, you have come to the right place.

Uplay is a specialized software solution that can help you accomplish all the actions depicted above and many more.

News and games from Ubisoft

This application’s main window comprises four core categories that give you access to the latest news regarding Ubisoft releases, your game library, the Ubi 30 section that provides you with monthly free titles until the end of 2016 and the shop.

Aside from the categories mentioned above, you can also access a shopping cart to view to-be-purchased items, a key activation tool that lets you redeem games without necessarily buying them, the Friends section and the main menu.

Intuitive functions

Even if you are new to the whole game library trend, you can still operate most of Uplay’s functions effortlessly, since they are highly intuitive and self-explanatory.

/how-to-download-chromium-on-mac/. Aside from the categories described above, you can access the main menu that gives you access to various functions, including the key activation tool mentioned before, the Settings menu and the Downloads section. You can also toggle offline Uplay usage, and log out of the app.

Social support

Uplay also provides you with social support, so that you can keep in touch with friends that are already using this application.

Among the social features that can be used, you can find instant messaging and voice chat, making it possible to communicate while playing your favorite games. You can also win various achievements depending on the type of activity that you’re performing.

Shop for Ubisoft releases, stay up-to-date with various titles and organize your library

All in all, Uplay is a reliable application that can help you browse for Ubisoft titles, buy them, download them to your computer, organize them efficiently, while being able to chat with your friends.

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Uplay PC is a small application that installs quickly and easily. We will summarise the process in a few simple steps here.
If Uplay is not currently installed, please start with step 5.

If Uplay is already installed on your system, please start with step 1.
1. Close the Uplay PC application down.
Please open your system tray by clicking the little arrow located to the right of your taskbar and check that the client is not running in the background.
2. Before you begin the uninstallation process, please back up your save files.
3. Uninstall the Uplay client from your PC. By default, the uninstaller is found in the following location: C:Program Files (x86)UbisoftUbisoft Game Launcher.
If you are uninstalling Uplay PC as part of troubleshooting, we recommend deleting the cache folder in the above location once the process is complete.
4. During the process, you will have an option to decide if you want to uninstall your games as well. To do so, simply tick the box. If you do not tick the box, your games will be left untouched.
5. Download the latest version of Uplay.
6. Run the installer you downloaded with administrator rights.
7. An installation wizard will guide you through the next steps.

It is advised to restart the PC once the installation is complete.Ubisoft game launcher download

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