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Google Play Music is a service from Google that lets you play and download music online. With the web version, you need an Internet browser in order to use its features. This unofficial client, on the other hand, lets you listen to your music without wasting RAM by using Chrome.
In practical terms, it's exactly like the browser version. In fact, it's just a WebView system that shows the pages the same. You can access your libraries, whether your music is from the online store or from your local files. The notifications show up on the bottom right corner of the Windows desktop, where you can access all the features.
There are also a few exclusive features in this version, like the option to transform it into a mini player that stays on top of other windows, letting you control the volume and skip between songs. There's also an exclusive options menu in the pop-up toolbar that lets you change the default theme color and mute notifications.
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Google Play Music For Mac

Unofficial version of Google Play Music on desktop

Google’s music-streaming and -purchasing service can be used both via mobile clients and web browsers, making it fully compatible with any device. The problem is that on desktop computers you need a browser to use it. Google Play Music Desktop Play is an unofficial alternative client that can be launched independently on the desktop.
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Google Music Manager Download Mac

Google music for mac

Download Free Music For Mac

'For the best download experience, get Google Play Music for Chrome.' I can't get it to install, so if that's the best experience, look elsewhere. It's easier and a much better experience to manually save/store/play your music and if I want streaming then I just use Plex. Was this review helpful? Download Google Play Music Desktop App For Windows, Linux & Mac Google Play Music Desktop App is unofficial and it is available of Windows, Linux and Mac. You can use it on your pc and it is not like web view application.