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MAC (Media Access Control) address is basically a unique alphanumeric code that is used for network communications. It is assigned by network device manufacturer and stored in its hardware. Sometimes, Network or Internet access is provided to the users in a according to their unique MAC/Physical and IP address. For Example In Schools, Colleges and universities usually Proxy Server setup is used to provide internet access to the users. With the help of Proxy server, it becomes easy to fully control the network access.

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Usually MAC address based filtering is used for proxy servers and users can only access internet on computer with the specified MAC address. So, if you buy a new computer then obviously its MAC address will be different and in order to access network from that one, you will have to change MAC address. In this article, I am going to share simplest way to change MAC address in Windows 7.

/epson-scan-download-mac-os-x-6125/. Before moving on further, let me discuss about how to find MAC address In Windows 7.

Find MAC Address in Windows 7

Network Connections

  • First of all click on the start button => all programs => Command Prompt.
  • It will open the black DOS window. Type Ipconfig/all and press the enter key.
  • You will see your network details of Local Area connection as well as Wireless connection (if present).
  • Find your Physical Address from there.
  • MAC address is sometimes called as Physical address and from command prompt, you will find it labeled as Physical address. It will be include both alphabets and numbers with following format.


Remember that Physical address for Wireless network and Local Area network will be different.

Change MAC address in Windows 7

Find MAC Address Using CMD

Mac Changer For Windows 10

Download Mac Changer For Windows 8Mac address changer windows 10 download free
  • In order to change MAC address in Windows, first of all connect to the network for which you want to modify Physical address.
  • Click on the network button from the task bar and open the network and sharing center. Here you will see active connections. Select the required connection.
  • Click on properties from the newly opened dialog box.
  • Click on configure button and move on to advanced tab. Find the property named locally administered MAC address.
  • Finally enter your desired value of MAC address (without dashes) and click on OK button.
  • Now you have successfully updated your MAC address. Click on details button from your active network connections button in order to see updated MAC address and IP details.

T Mac Address Changer Download

Using MAC Address Changer

You can also use MAC address changer software in order to change Physical address easily. It allows you change MAC address on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Vista within seconds. You can generate a random physical address or enter your desired one. After making the changes, you will have to disable and then re-enable network connection in order to see your updated MAC address.

Mac Address Changer Windows 10 Download Free

Using MAC Address Changer

Mac Address Changer For Mac

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