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Clownfish Voice Changer is an application for changing your voice. It's installed on system level so every application that uses microphone or other audio capture device will be affected. In general - your voice will be modified in Steam, Skype, Hangouts, ooVoo, Viber.

Explore 5 Mac apps like Clownfish for Skype, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community. Clownfish for Skype; AV Voice Changer Software. This AV Voice Changer also has this menu to help us in order to change the voice both for windows as well as Mac. Conclusion: Hence, the provided voice changers for skype are the best in the. Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Subject. About Us; Blog; Clownfish Voice Changer Discord for Mac, Skype and TeamSpeak Download. 4.5 / 5 ( 4 votes ) Discord Voice Changer for Mac, iOS Voice Changer for Discord download links are here for you. Get the Discord Voice changer and enjoy the ultimate fun. Quite lately many have been looking forward for the discord voice changer. Voice changer for discord is everything that a user wants right now. Voice Changer for Discord There are a random numbers of sounds that you will. Voxal Voice Changer - Free Voice Changer for PC/Mac. Voxal Voice Changer. Voxal Voice Changer.

ClownFish Voice Changer Download Best Free Voice Changer Software

Some peoples want to use Best Voice Changer Software during their calls for several reasons. ClownFish Voice Changer Download is one of the best ultimate app designed for both mobile android devices, Mac, or Windows operating system. It used to change your voices to either female voice, male voice, or a child voice as well as old or young voices. Furthermore, you can also change the pitch of your voices during your live calls. The also supports the voice or video calls over skype, viber, whatsapp, imo or Discord Gaming Live gameplays.

The Best And Easy To Use Clown Fish Voice Changer Pc Software

Moreover, the user who wants to become a voice change master can use it easily for changing their voice. Any body can easily change their voice quickly without wasting their time with few clicks.This application is designed to operate on system level so that every microphone and audio device will be affected by this application. ClownFish Skype Voice Changer For Mac work at basic level. With the use of this application we can easily change our int to different voice. Voice effect is also used in this software for voice changing.

Moreover in music and films industry we can also use it for voice changing. Further more it can also be used for cartoon voice. Virtual studio technology (VST) is also include in this application. You can load pre-made effects and change your voice manually. This application is specially design for those peoples who wants to change their voice in various from such as supported voice effects:

    • Alien (Simple voice can changed into alien voice with the use of this application easily.)
    • Clown or comedian (Simple voice can be changed into comedian voice with the use of this application easily.)
    • Male pitch (Any voice can changed into male voice pitch.)
    • Female pitch (Any voice changed into female voice pitch)
    • Baby pitch (Male and female voice can also changed into baby voice pitch.)
    • Robot voice (Easily convert your voice into robot voice)
    • Atari voice
    • Mutation (Fast or Slow)
    • Silence voice (In carton movies silence voice show the expression of body movement.)
    • Helium pitch (Helium pitch is funny voice pitch.)
    • Radio
    • Custom pitch (In custom pitch u can make your own voice.)

How To Use ClownFish Voice Changer On Pc Or Mobile

Social Media Apps That Needs ClownFish Voice Changer

ClownFish Voice Changer For Viber Calls

Viber, a very well known and very famous conversation and video audio calling application. Meanwhile, when you are using ClownFish Voice Changer For Viber you can easily change your voice to any type either male, female, or a child. Moreover, it also helps for business purposes. So, use ClownFish Voice Changer Teamspeak for a conversation between several employees at a same time.

ClownFish Voice Changer For Skype Calls

Skype, a very well known and mostly used conversation application used today. So, Skype ClownFish Voice Changer helps you to make call to anyone with a changed voice with applying its builtin features. May be your ClownFish Voice Changer Now Working with your old Skype version so you must update it first and than it will perfectly work for you.

ClownFish Voice Changer For Discord Gaming

Discord is a very famous gaming talking platform used today in all around the world. It helps the users to use ClownFish Voice Changer in Discord to play your games and also make your voice changed according to your wishes. Which make your games a lot more fun than before. Along with these it also help in all types of voice or video calls applications to change voices to your own choice during your calls.

Other Added Features In Clown Fish Voice Changer

This application supports the installed on both 32bit or 64bit operating system. Moreover 64bit application cannot installed on 32bit windows operating system. Further more it can works on all type of operating systems like window and Mac. The process of installation is very easily you can install it in simple few clicks. And it will take less then 2 minutes for it’s installation. When installed it the icon of it application will appear on your system screen. Open this application with double clicks on the icon.

In the main menu you can see the microphone button when you checked on microphone button, one drop down list of voice effects will appear you can chose any one which you want, Now you can start talking, the voice will be changes into selected voice effect. Now you can enjoyed with your changed voice. It has its own efficient music player with playlist. It supported lot of audio media formats such as mp3 , m4a, wma , wav and many more. ClownFish voice changer is a license freeware application.

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ClownFish Voice Changer Setup Exe Torrent

ClownFish Voice Changer Download Free Pc Software For Skype Discord Viber
ClownFish Voice Changer
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Clownfish Voice Changer Skype Mac Download
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Clownfish Voice Changer for Discord, Mac, Skype, Teamspeak can be used easily. Just read this guide about Clownfish Voice Changer discord. Clownfish Voice Changer app is an fantastic software created by Shark Labs, Sofia. It can translate your voice into various other sounds that we have mentioned below.

Clownfish Voice Changer

This enables you to change the voice in other apps which requires a microphone. In general, it modifies your voice on apps like Hangouts, Viber, ooVoo, Skype, Mumble, Omegle, Discord, TeamSpeak, etc.

The following sounds are available in which you can transform your voice.

  • Atari
  • Clone
  • Mutation
  • Fast Mutation
  • Slow Mutation
  • Alien
  • Silence
  • Male Pitch
  • Female Pitch
  • Helium Pitch
  • Baby Pitch
  • Radio
  • Robot
  • Custom pitch

Apart from this, there are certain cool feature related to Clownfish Voice Changer that you need to know.

Clownfish Voice Changer For Xbox

Clownfish Voice Changer Discord

  1. The name of the software comes from a family of fish well known as ‘Pomacentridae’. This family of fish contains mainly two fish, i.e., Anemone fish and Clownfish.
  2. Effects like high sound, deeper, older or younger are quite enthusiastic in this app.
  3. One of the features that makes me love Clownfish Voice Changer the most is that you can modify the file even many days after of the actual saving date.
  4. This software is basically available for windows and it does work on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and even Vista. However, if you use any other version of Windows this software isn’t going to work for you.
  5. The wide of choice of sounds as mentioned above is what I am fan of in this app. It provides around 10-12 different sounds that we can use. However, you need to adjust the effects in order to make it work properly.

Clownfish Voice Changer For Mac

You can download the app by using the link below. Feel free to share your thoughts with us. We are available 24/7.

Clownfish Voice Changer For Skype Download

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