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ClamAV can be found for Ubuntu in the apt repository. Run this command to install ClamAV:

apt-get install clamav

ClamXAV (for Mac) wraps this antivirus technology in an easy-to-use Mac antivirus app. While it's no longer free, its one-time pricing makes it quite a bargain. Installing ClamXAV proved to be a.

Download ClamWin Free Antivirus - Antimalware solution that has a scheduler, virus database updater, standalone scanner, context menu integration, and more features. Download ClamWin Free Antivirus absolutely free of charge. ClamWin Free Antivirus Download Make a Donation Thanks to the community efforts, ClamWin has been around as a Free Antivirus since 2004. Before you download, please take this opportunity to help our project going forward and make a donation today Click here to donate now. ClamXAV is an anti-malware solution for macOS which uses the popular ClamAv antivirus engine, and designed to detect and quarantine all kids of threats (for both Mac and Windows) such as viruses, trojans, phishing and spyware. Robust antivirus solution with a clear-cut user interface and real-time.

If you need clamd, you may also want to run:

apt-get install clamav-daemon

If you require support for scanning compressed RAR files you first need to enable the non-free archive, and then you can install the RAR-plugin using:


apt-get install libclamunrar6

Clamav Antivirus For Mac Free Download

There are two classes of clamav packages available for Ubuntu users:

Released Set

Avast Free Antivirus For Mac

The released set (release, *-updates, and *-security) are patched for security updates. Following extensive testing of clamav and the packages that use it in the backports repository, they may be updated to a newer version. These are official Ubuntu packages and supported by community developers.

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The Ubuntu backports repository will contain the newest clamav version that has been at least lightly tested to work with that version. These packages can be installed by enabling the backports repository on your system.
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